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Establishing new standards of functionality for the software developer.
Warecase Profile
Founded in 2003, Warecase Company develops advanced and dynamic software.

In 2005, the company carried out successful reorganization process, which included joining of young and proven team of widely experienced computer experts.

Our mission is to optimize the development environment for the software developer.

  • Provide extended management and utilization of system resources.
  • Automate functionality and basic support tasks.
  • Simplify handling of unnecessary time consuming details.
  • Enable access to solutions for difficult situations.
  • Improve overall productivity, quality and robustness of the solution.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Increase cost effectiveness and the bottom line.
  • Warecase delivers quality management and utility solutions, providing software developers with extended management of their system resources and improved results and bottom line. Warecase's eXtended Task Manager (XTM) software is an advanced task monitoring and management tool for Windows 7 OS and previous versions of Windows. XTM is designed to serve as an auxiliary tool for management and troubleshooting actions to help facilitate the software engineer's efforts. For more detailed information about Warecase XTM, see Solutions.

    Warecase maintains a proactive policy in regard to its users. We are regularly updating our products and incorporating additional features and functions to better service our customer base and meet their changing requirements. We appreciate any feedback from users concerning our products.

    To find out more about Warecase and its products and activities, or to contact us regarding a product purchased or any additional services you may require, please refer to Contact Us.