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-- Warecase announces 64-bit version of its popular eXtended Task Management tool. --

Houston, TX - January 24, 2006 - The Warecase Company, a leading developer of quality management and utility solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its 64-bit version of the eXtended Task Manager (XTM), a popular application support tool for software developers and IT professionals.

eXtended Task Manager is one of the first 64-bit application support tools to offer a smooth and economic adjustment to the changing computing environment. eXtended Task Manager provides the developer with direct access to the flow of processes, allowing data collection and the ability to immediately act upon any problems that arise in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

If you are one of the pioneers that are adopting Microsoft's Windows x64 Edition operating system you probably face the need to rewrite your 32-bit software. The 64-bit eXtended Task Manager brings the familiar tools and features of eXtended Task Manager into the 64-bit world, providing you with the support needed in your 64-bit development work.

Currently, more and more program developers and other software professionals are moving into 64-bit computing to benefit from its advantages. For example, 64-bit computing gives headroom for growth together with the ability to support more memory, larger data sets, more capable operating systems and more demanding applications.

However, up to now the assortment of tools available for 64-computing was very limited and many developers were forced to reinvent the bicycle by themselves. eXtended Task Manager 64-bit application support tool was designed with such developers in mind. It was developed to facilitate the productivity of software developers and allow them to focus on their immediate tasks.

The core features of XTM 64-bit ensure a smooth and comfortable transition to the 64-bit world. These include: improved application development and debugging features, rich workstation investigation tools, features to facilitate white box testing sessions for the QA department, tools designed to investigate application integration possibilities and features designed to accelerate the application support process.

Warecase offers a 21-day trial version of the eXtended Task Manager that can be downloaded from http://www.warecase.com/downloads.asp.

About the eXtended Task Manager (XTM): The eXtended Task Manager application is a powerful auxiliary tool designed specifically for on-the-fly troubleshooting of task resources and workstation problems that arise during software development. The eXtended Task Manager tool can provide rapid solutions for those unforeseen problems, which may develop in the functioning of a workstation application without having to close or reinstall it.

The XTM toolkit for Microsoft Windows 2000 OS and later versions of Windows, provides the developer with direct access to the flow of processes, allowing data collection and the ability to immediately act upon any problems that arise, in the quickest and most efficient way possible. eXtended Task Manager integrates its expert task monitoring tools with a suite of management tools for easy hands-on management of data resources and the workstation while maintaining full product functionality. The eXtended Task Manager is intended as a constructive aid for software development companies, providing enhanced functionality at all levels of processing including Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Support and System Administration.

About Warecase: Warecase is dedicated to delivering quality management and utility solutions for management of the programming environment. Its proprietary solutions optimize the developer environment at all levels, from Research & Development to Quality Assurance, Support and System Administration, through the use of tools for monitoring, troubleshooting and providing fast solutions for sudden problems. Warecase focuses on adding immediate value to its customers and partners and assisting in overcoming the challenge of delivery of a superior product in a competitive environment. Warecase is headquartered in Houston, TX.


For more information contact:

Warecase Customer Service
14781 Memorial Drive, Suite 1058
Houston, TX 77079
Phone: (281) 220-8985
Fax: (281) 220-8986
Website: http://www.warecase.com
E-mail: cs@warecase.com

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