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-- Just eight months after its first release, the Revolutionary XTM Resource Troubleshooting Tool became one of the leaders in its category, with successful installations in over 70 countries. --

Houston, TX - November 24, 2004 - The Warecase Software Group, a leading developer of quality management and utility solutions, announces the new brand name for its leading product. The new name, eXtended Task Manager, will replace the old XTM (Extended Task Monitor) abbreviation. The name change is accompanied by the release of a new enhanced version of the product.

The eXtended Task Manager name was created after in depth market research performed by the Warecase marketing department and its consultants.

Michael Ritter, Vice President of Marketing for Warecase, said "The new 'eXtended Task Manager' name reflects the most comprehensive and accurate understanding of the concept standing behind this product. Our research shows that most of our existing and potential customers perceive XTM as an active managing tool, as opposed to the 'watch only' software that currently exists in the marketplace."

"Since the release of the eXtended Task Monitor first version, we have significantly improved and strengthened the product. The new XTM provides a comprehensive tool with enhanced management features as well as features for on-the-fly troubleshooting of task resources and workstation problems that arise during software development, testing and support activities," continued Mr. Ritter.

New eXtended Task Manager Version 1.6 provides access to previously unavailable resources and incorporates a new effective functionality with extended XTM monitoring and management components. XTM version 1.6 comes with a revolutionary improved user interface that is more intuitive and accessible to the user. It also has an expanded help library that contains more detailed information than in previous versions.

"There already appears to be a clear demand for our XTM resource troubleshooting tool based on the encouraging number of initial license sales to individuals and multiple licenses to corporate groups", said Michael Ritter, "Since our debut in March, XTM has been downloaded by numerous users in more than 70 countries around the world and has been purchased by customers in the U.S. and Europe.

"Our belief in the significant benefits of eXtended Task Manager to Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Support and System Administrators has been vindicated by the high level of favorable feedback from our clients.

"This is a significant step forward in Warecase's mission to help Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Support and System Administrators to optimize their environment and increase their productivity. We plan to continue to augment the functionality of our flagship product, eXtended Task Manager, and to respond to the growing needs of our customer base."

Warecase offers a 30-day trial version of the eXtended Task Manager that can be downloaded from http://www.warecase.com/downloads.asp.

About the eXtended Task Manager (XTM): The eXtended Task Manager application is a powerful auxiliary tool designed specifically for on-the-fly troubleshooting of task resources and workstation problems that arise during software development. The eXtended Task Manager tool can provide rapid solutions for those unforeseen problems, which may develop in the functioning of a workstation application without having to close or reinstall it.

The XTM toolkit for Microsoft Windows 2000 OS and later versions of Windows, provides the developer with direct access to the flow of processes, allowing data collection and the ability to immediately act upon any problems that arise, in the quickest and most efficient way possible. eXtended Task Manager integrates its expert task monitoring tools with a suite of management tools for easy hands-on management of data resources and the workstation while maintaining full product functionality. The eXtended Task Manager is intended as a constructive aid for software development companies, providing enhanced functionality at all levels of processing including Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Support and System Administration.

About Warecase: Warecase is dedicated to delivering quality management and utility solutions for management of the programming environment. Its proprietary solutions optimize the developer environment at all levels, from Research & Development to Quality Assurance, Support and System Administration, through the use of tools for monitoring, troubleshooting and providing fast solutions for sudden problems. Warecase focuses on adding immediate value to its customers and partners and assisting in overcoming the challenge of delivery of a superior product in a competitive environment. Warecase is headquartered in Houston, TX.


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