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eXtended Task Manager

Extended Windows Task Manager and Performance Monitoring tool, for optimizing Developer Environments.

What's new in Warecase XTM
 Version 2.15 - Released 19 December 2011.
  • Maintenance release.
 Version 2.12 - Released 3 August 2011.
  • Maintenance release.
 Version 2.11 - Released 16 November 2010.
  • Maintenance release.
 Version 2.10 - Released 14 September 2010.
  • Certified by Microsoft "Compatible with Windows 7".
  • Monitoring of Process GDI objects, such as bitmaps, brushes, device contexts(DC), palettes, pens, regions, fonts etc...
  • Process/Module trust verification detailed information.
  • Highlight Process Integrity levels.
 Version 2.00 - Released 21 July 2010.
  • Windows 7 support.
  • Windows 2008 support.
  • Instant Search.
  • Verify Process/Module Signatures.
  • IPv6 support.
  • .Net Performance counters monitoring.
  • User Account Control (UAC) detailed information.
  • Image Digital Signature detailed information.
  • Change Process Privileges.
  • Change Process/Thread I/O Priority.
  • Change Process/Thread Memory Priority.
  • Process Dump generation.
  • Search Online for extra information about a process/module.
  • Highlight Locked Objects.
  • Highlight Own Processes.
  • Highlight WOW64 Modules for XTM 64-bit version.
  • Windows Task Manager Replacement.
  • Improved performance.
  • And much more...
 Version 1.987 - Released 28 July 2009.
  • Maintenance release.
 Version 1.95 - Released 12 January 2006.
  • Native 64-bit operating systems support.
  • More window information in window properties dialog.
  • Highlight 32-bit Modules for XTM 64-bit version.
  • Improved performance.
 Version 1.90 - Released 24 June 2005.
  • Show Symbolic debugging information for the thread start address.
  • Show Call stack information for the certain thread.
  • Process symbol path configuration.
  • New command "Show symbol information" was added to the Threads view.
  • New command "Undecorate C++ functions names" was added to the Threads view.
  • New command "Show call stack" was added to the Threads view.
  • New "Find Service" search was added, which assists in the search for installed windows services.
  • Change Service startup type.
  • Highlight COM Modules.
  • Highlight COM+ Applications.
  • Highlight Jobs.
  • Filter option "Show Memory Mapped Files" is available from the Files view toolbar.
  • New command "Go to Module" was added to the COM+ Components view.
  • New command "Module Properties" was added to the COM+ Components view.
  • New command "Module Properties" was added to the Threads view.
  • New command "Refresh Now" was added to the Process Details views.
  • New columns "Command Line" and "Current Directory" were added to the Process view.
  • Suppress the display of XTM opening splash screen option.
  • Improved performance.
 Version 1.80 - Released 18 March 2005.
  • Monitoring active TCP/UDP process connections.
    New Network view allows monitoring of TCP and UDP activity on local system, including the local and remote addresses, local and remote ports and state of all connections.
  • New option for active network connection search. To assist in the search for processes that have particular TCP or UDP connections opened. Search can be performed by local or remote port number or IP address substring.
  • New column "Thread Start Address" was added to the Threads view.
  • Show symbolic debugging information for the start address of the current thread in the thread properties dialog.
  • New command "Go to Module" was added to the Threads view.
  • New option for opened registry key search was added to assist in the search for processes that have particular registry key opened.
  • Show hexadecimal process identifier option is available from Processes view toolbar.
  • Show hexadecimal thread identifier option is available from the Threads view toolbar and from the Windows view toolbar.
  • "Show Modules from Windows Program Files folder" and "Show Modules from Windows System folder" filter options are available now from Modules view toolbar.
  • Filter option "Show Unnamed objects" is available from the Handles view toolbar.
  • Filter option "Show Unlocked objects" is available from the Locks view toolbar.
  • From now on search for any object is easily accessed via the tool bar of each detailed view.
  • Improved performance.
 Version 1.60 - Released 23 November 2004.
  • Improved and friendlier user interface.
  • Flash window command ? activate and flashes the specified window one time.
  • Show more windows details on find window tool dialog.
  • More window information in process window view.
  • Improved performance.
 Version 1.50 - Released 27 September 2004.
  • Multiple processors support. XTM now allows to set process CPU affinity and set thread CPU affinity on a computer with multiple or hyperthreaded processors.
  • Create, Edit and Delete environment variables.
  • Process Locks View. Monitoring critical sections and resource locks of the specified process.
  • Process Details Filters. This version of the XTM enables filtering by Handles, Locks, Registry and Memory views.
  • COM+ Application Properties.
  • Start Service.
  • Start COM+ Application.
  • New properties added for Thread, Process, SymbolicLink, Job and Token handle objects.
  • Improved Process View - new commands added: Bring to Top and Restart COM+ Application.
  • Improved Handles View - new commands added for process, thread and job handle objects.
  • Improved Windows View - new commands added: Terminate Owner Thread, Go to Thread, and Thread Properties.
  • Highlighting .NET Objects.
  • Change Thread Priority.
  • Keyboard Shortkeys enhancements.
  • Save all the views with a single-click snapshot.